AdVoText Solutions Are Designed With The Small Business Owner In Mind And Provide Highly Effective, And Affordable Marketing Solutions.

All Of AdVoText's Products Provide State Of The Art Digital Communication To Your Customers, Through The Use Of Text Marketing, Email Marketing, Professional Business Email, Website Builders, And More.

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AdVoText - Communication In The 21st Century

As a society, we have evolved into a culture that communicates digitally using text messages, social media and email. Businesses large and small must change to keep pace with this cultural shift, and communicate with customers on their terms.

The use of text messages as a means of communication has accelerated year after year. An estimated 8.3 trillion text messages are sent annually, worldwide.  that's almost 23 billion text messages per day, or 16 million text messages per minute.

With the staggering number of text messages sent and received, clearly this has become the preferred method of communication for most people.

Through modern cloud-based technology, you can now leverage the power of text messaging to communicate with your customers.

Other essential forms of digital communication are the use of email marketing, professional email addresses, and websites. It is vital for any business no matter how small to have these.

Imagine communicating with tens of thousand of customers with just a few clicks of a mouse - getting the right message to the right customer, at the right time!

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Learn More About Innovative And Cost Effective Methods To Communicate With Your Customers. As a result of our innovative, cloud based technology, you are able communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers.  Most importantly, your customers will also benefit greatly !