Advertising And Marketing For Martial Arts Studios And Schools

Advertising And Marketing For Martial Arts schools and studios is vital for the growth and vitality of the business. Whether you're teaching Karate, Tae Kwon Do, MMA, Jui Jitsu, or another style, it's essential to develop a marketing plan. Unfortunately, the attrition rate at martial arts studios is 40 - 55%, therefore advertising and marketing for martial arts schools is imperative to remain solvent.

The old methods of print advertising, email marketing, flyers, and mailers just aren't effective anymore. So what can you do to "Kick Start" (Pun Intended) your advertising and marketing for martial arts? Simple - Text marketing! With modern cloud-based software such as provided by AdVoText   you can communicate with your students, parents of students, and potential clients for pennies - literally! The penetration rate for text marketing far exceeds any other marketing medium. Email marketing typically has an open rate of 21.09%, direct mail has less than a 1% response rate, and print advertising is just not relevant anymore in this digital age. Text messages, on the other hand have over a 90% open rate, and are read within a few minutes of delivery!

Some ideas for creating your advertising and marketing for martial arts studios:

  • Using keywords such as text "Karate" to xxx-xxx-xxxx to build your marketing list of opt-in customers
  • Notification to students of testing dates
  • Notification to students of tournaments
  • Notifications to parents of testing dates
  • Notifications to parents of tournaments
  • Payment reminders
  • Sending coupons and promotional items
  • Notifications to students and parents of holiday closures, or closures due to weather events

These are just a few ideas that you can implement for your dojo. With creativity, you can certainly come up with many more ideas. Not only will you recruit many more students, but you will also retain your students better with enhanced communication, resulting in greater profits!

Modern text marketing systems, such as AdVoText, allow the user to send messages real time, and also to schedule messages for future delivery, to hundreds or thousands of recipients. This can be accomplished in minutes from your desktop or mobile device.

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