Amway IBO Marketing Ideas

Amway is definitely the originator of the “Direct Sales” or MLM business model. They have been in business for over 50 years, and are operating in over 100 countries. From a bar of soap to an automobile, you can pretty much buy anything through Amway.

Like most direct sales organizations, they derive their success through independent business owners,or “IBO’s”. It’s important to have an Amway IBO marketing plan to ensure success. Like any organization, you want to ensure that you are following Amway’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Ideas discussed in this article are general in nature, so please consult your official Amway policies and procedures when formulating your Amway IBO marketing strategy.

Many independent reps in various industries utilize the following strategies:

Certainly, there are other Amway IBO marketing methods utilized. The important thing to realize in today’s business world, is that consumer behavior has taken a paradigm shift to digital communication. Direct mail, flyers, classified ads, and print advertising are just not effective any longer. If you want to remain relevant in today’s business environment, then you must adapt to consumers preference and reliance on digital communication, most notably through their smart phones.

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For further information, and to establish your own website, blog, or email marketing campaign, visit: