Appointment Reminders For Hair Salons

If you’re a hair stylist, or a salon owner, then you know the frustration and lost revenue that missed and late appointments cause. You carefully block off your calendar and wait for the customer, only to have a “No Show”. Or the customer arrives 30 minutes late, and causes all of your other appointments to run late!

Maybe you’ve tried various methods to remind your customers such as appointment reminder cards, reminder emails, or reminder phone calls…only to find out that these methods don’t work. WHY? Because these methods are outdated and inefficient! Today’s customer prefers to communicate digitally using their cell phone. Next time you’re in a public place – look around – what do you see? People everywhere busy on their cell phones texting and engaged in social media.

So what’s the solution to your headache of missed and late appointments? Text appointment reminders for hair salons is the solution! Text messages are the only communication medium that has an engagement rate of 90%+, and most text messages are read within 3 minutes. Also, it’s interactive so if someone needs to reschedule or is running late, you know instantly and you can adjust accordingly.

Text appointment reminders for hair salons are being adopted by more and more salon owners, and the results are astounding! Customers truly appreciate getting a hair appointment reminder text – so it’s a win-win!

It’s time to move your salon into the 21st century and communicate with your customers on their terms. Your customers will appreciate their hair appointment reminder text, your stylists will appreciate it, and your cash flow and efficiency will improve. Text appointment reminders for hair salons is the answer! Visit our website at for a free trial !