Appointment Based Business Solutions

If you own an appointment based business such as a salon, a doctor’s office, law office, or any other type of business where you interact with your customers on an appointment schedule – How much time and money are you losing with missed and late appointments?

Traditionally, appointment confirmations were made via telephone, tying up your receptionist for hours, when they could be doing more productive things in your office. Additionally, 68% of people screen their calls, so the calls are never received in the first place, and go directly to voicemail.

The other outdated method of giving the customer an “Appointment Card” is equally ineffective – these cards are misplaced, ignored, or stuck on the refrigerator under a magnet and forgotten.

If your appointment confirmation process is outdated and inefficient, there is a solution! With our modern, cloud based text messaging platform, you can automate the process of appointment reminders with our appointment reminder software! With 90% of text messages being read within 3 minutes of receipt, you can ensure that your appointment reminder will get to the right person at the right time, and reduce or eliminate costly “No Shows” in your appointment based business.

To increase your appointment efficiency, and reduce unbilled time in your office, we have appointment reminder software that is easy and affordable for all business large and small. At Advotext, we have pricing plans and solutions for your business, rather large or small.

Get started today with a FREE TRIAL to jumpstart your appointment process, and move your business into the 21st Century!