Is Direct Mail Dead?

As we have discussed in previous articles, we have evolved into a society that prefers digital communication - The primary venue for communication today is our smartphones. Texting, social media, websites, apps - this is the way we now communicate...not direct mail.

The advantages of digital communication are numerous, it's instant, it's interactive, it's dynamic, it's less expensive, the engagement rate is MUCH higher.....and much more.

Direct mail advertising has a response rate of .5%-2%, and that's based on studies conducted years ago. It's really hard to get a positive ROI when your response rate is abysmally low. How many times do you take your stack of mail, and stand over the garbage can, throwing all of your direct mail (Junk Mail) directly into the garbage without even looking at it?

Modern methods such as text marketing boast the highest successful delivery rate and highest open rate (90+%) of any type of direct marketing method. Text marketing also has a huge ROI, and can add revenue to your bottom line by reducing your marketing budget. Conversely, direct mail will bloat your marketing budget, and reduce profits.

Moving your business into the digital age is essential today. Creating a website can now be done easily using do-it-yourself website buildersĀ  , text marketing can easily be managed using modern cloud based software. Business email is very affordable, giving you a professional email address, and the ability to do email campaigns.

RIP direct mail, alas your time has come!