Marketing For Herbalife Distributors

Marketing for Herbalife distributors has changed drastically over the last few decades. Herbalife was founded in 1980, when cell phones, computers, email and other forms of electronic communication were in their developmental stages. Distributors in that era relied on print advertising, flyers, networking events, and other outdated methods.

In this era, with our society increasingly reliant on digital media advertising, and electronic communication, marketing for herbalife distributors has changed. Savvy Herbalife distributors are embracing these societal changes and adapting - those that aren't adapting will not succeed.

Increasingly, social media is taking center stage, and text message marketing. Unfortunately, social media advertising has become expensive in the last few years, and the airspace is getting overcrowded with ads - Customers are beginning to see social media ads as background clutter.

The advantage of text message marketing, or sms marketing as it's sometimes referred to is it's amazing open rate (Over 90%) , it's speed of transmission (Most messages read within 3 minutes of delivery) and its low cost.

Herbalife distributors can easily communicate with their entire customer base with just a few clicks of the mouse. Messages can be sent real-time, or scheduled for advance delivery.

AdVoText also has other products that are widely used by Herbalife distributors such as do-it-yourself website builders for creating your personal blog or website, email marketing solutions, and professional email addresses.

AdVoText is quickly gaining notoriety among Herbalife distributors as the go-to company for text marketing, web services and advertising. Please visit our websites to propel your marketing strategy into the 21st Century!