Marketing Your Monat Business

A relative newcomer to the direct marketing business, Monat  has had a meteoric rise in success. Formed in 2014 CEO Rayner Urdaneta has forged a company that is extremely successful, and has won many prestigious awards from The American Business, The Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and The Canada Direct Sellers Association. Clearly, the founders of Monat understand marketing your Monat business!

The company sells products through direct selling managed by Market Partners, who focus on product sales and recruitment of new Market Partners and VIP customers to their team.

As a Market Partner, it’s essential that you’re marketing your Monat business. Many Market Partners accomplish this through social media and event networking.

Text Marketing

Another great method of marketing your Monat business is through the use of text marketing  No other method of communication has such a high rate of engagement as text messages. The average open rate on text messages exceeds 90%, and most SMS messages are read within a few minutes of receipt. Compare this to emails which have an open rate of 21.09% and a click through rate of 2.61% according to a report compiled by MailChimp a leading email marketing company. Although the open rate is much lower on email, it should still be a part of your arsenal, being another touchpoint with your customers.

Some ideas for marketing your Monat business using text marketing are:

  • Automated reminders for your VIP clients
  • Messages delivered instantly or scheduled for future delivery regarding promos, sales, etc.
  • Event reminders for your Monat team
  • Using keywords, such as text “Monat” to xxx-xxx-xxxx to receive a free sample
  • Lead followup

Email Marketing & Blogs

Many Monat Market Partners also maintain a personal blog, and connect with their customers using this medium. These are very easy to set up using website builder software, or WordPress.

Most Monat Market Partners also utilize email marketing to stay in contact with current and potential clients and associates. You can set up custom email templates, newsletters, and other creative communications using email marketing software.

Certainly there are many more ways to creatively use text messages, websites, and email for marketing your Monat business. Text marketing is the most cost effective marketing communication method available, allowing you to communicate with your VIP’s, Market Partners, and retail customers for pennies….literally! When you add in email marketing and a personal website or blog, you will have a comprehensive, yet low cost marketing platform!

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