Private Label Reseller Program – From AdVoText

AdVoText Private Label Reseller Program

The American dream is to have your own successful business, and be your own boss. If you’re stuck in a dead end job, angry, frustrated and feeling hopeless, don’t despair – The AdVoText Private Label Reseller Program is a low-cost, turnkey business!

As a Private Label Reseller, you will have the ability to sell AdVoText text marketing software to businesses both large and small. You will receive initial training and ongoing support, and your own branded Private Label Reseller website. Clients may sign up on your website, pick an appropriate plan and prepay it, and that’s it! Your customers will create their own text marketing campaigns – It really is that easy!

Text marketing is the fastest growing form of digital communication today, with trillions of text messages delivered daily. Customers in the 21st Century have evolved into receiving their information digitally, most notably through their cell phones. This market is growing rapidly, as your business will if you put in the effort.

The advantages to business are numerous with a 90%+ open rate on text messages, instant delivery, low cost and interactive ability.

Text messages may be sent for appointment reminders, marketing and advertising, notifications, etc. These messages can be delivered instantly, or scheduled for future delivery, and may be sent to one or thousands of recipients. Virtually any type of business is a potential customer for text message marketing and notifications.

Contact us today to learn more about the AdVoText Private Label Reseller Program, and take the first step to becoming the proud owner of your own business!