SMS Marketing Today

How To Plan And Implement Your Strategy For SMS Marketing Today

As we have discussed in previous articles, customer’s shopping and buying behavior has radically changed in recent years. Iconic brick and mortar stores such as JC Penney, K-Mart, Macy’s and others have been forced to downsize and close many retail locations. Meanwhile, online shopping has skyrocketed in popularity as evidenced by the success of online retailers such as Amazon, E-Bay, Wayfair and many others. Many smart retailers are also using SMS marketing today as old advertising methods are no longer effective.

What is the common denominator? Customers prefer to engage digitally with companies. Engaging digitally is perceived as more convenient and efficient, and can be done with the customer’s mobile device. SMS marketing today is easy, efficient and affordable. The next time you’re in a public place such as a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a doctor’s waiting room, look around and you will see almost everyone is immersed in looking at their cell phone. The average person looks at their cell phone more than 150 times per day, and sends or receives 94 text messages per day and 18,078,704 text messages are sent every minute in the U.S.!

Smart business owners that realize this shift in customer’s behavior can capitalize on this using SMS marketing today business owners that insist on doing business  the same way they did 20 years ago, will soon be left behind.

As a business owner, one shift that you can make to engage your customers on their terms is to utilize SMS Marketing , or Text Marketing as it’s commonly referred to. To learn more about Text Marketing, and to start communicating with your customers on their terms, at the right time, in the right manner, we have the solution for you – visit us at