4 Streamlining Tips For Small Business

Corey Tyner Provides Valuable Advice For Entrpreneurs And Business Owners

Take a moment to think about the amount of time you invest in various projects on any given day.  If you are like most small business owners and managers, you spend an abundance of time on an array of critically important tasks that could be completed much more efficiently if you were to spend the time necessary to streamline those projects.  Below, we shed light on several streamlining tips that will help small business owners and managers make the most of their limited time.


  1. Selective Outsourcing 


When people hear the word “outsourcing”, they tend to assume it means shifting work out of the United States and into lesser developed regions of the world.  However, it is possible to outsource specific tasks and projects to specialized personnel not only in the United States but also in the vicinity of your business.  Instead of expecting every in-house employee to continue to learn new skills, it is better to selectively outsource specific projects to those who thrive in their respective niches.  The best part about outsourcing is you do not have to pay a lofty salary or extensive benefits to tap into the efficiency provided by outside specialists. Most work can be outsourced on a contract basis that ultimately saves your business that much more money.


  1. Look for Multifaceted Talent 


Nowadays, wearing a single hat in the workplace is not enough.  The best employees have diverse skills and a hunger to learn even more.  This is precisely why it is in your interest to hire multifaceted talent as opposed to employees with merely one strength.  Bring people with diverse talents, skills and experience aboard and you won't have to invest resources training staff members to master new tasks.  Nor will it be necessary to outsource projects as frequently as otherwise would be necessary.


  1. Focus on Systems Over Strategies


An overarching strategy will help yet only to a certain extent.  It is better to create highly effective systems instead of mantras, words and overarching aims.  When in doubt, be practical. Zero in on actual systems rather than strategies and your workplace will prove that much more efficient in a number of regards.  When in doubt, re-evaluate existing processes to determine if they are misguided, prudent or could be slightly tweaked to streamline workflows. Everything from filing systems to the chain of command, antiquated software and beyond should be analyzed and improved across posterity.  Ideally, your company's systems will be documented in-depth so employees of all titles can prove effective should another become ill, incapacitated or leave for another employer.


  1. Define Each Employee’s Role Within the Organization 


Employees should have specific roles within your small business.  Though it certainly helps for people to pitch in whenever and wherever necessary, your operation will prove much more efficient if employees specialize in specific positions within departments.  As an example, it is better to have an individual dedicated to customer service rather than let anyone at the business answer the phones and attempt to solve customer problems.  


Furthermore, it might be possible to reassign duties to streamline business activity.  As an example, if your company has an individual dedicated to answering customer questions, consider reassigning him or her to another role and posting a FAQ page to your website.  This way, you will not have to pay someone to answer customer questions as the most commonly asked questions along with their answers will be posted directly to your website's FAQ.


Do not Stop Streamlining as Your Business Grows


There is no harm in taking a close look at each individual process of your small business.  Analyze your company's processes in an individualized manner and you will be able to deeply analyze the nuanced steps each requires.  It might be possible to eliminate some steps altogether while others can be streamlined. Continue to streamline your operations as your enterprise expands and it will be that much easier to not only capture market share but do so in a truly efficient manner.


Corey Tyner is the owner of Phoenix Fast Sell Home and Austin Fast Sell Home Buyers. He is one of the top real estate investors in Arizona with over a decade of experience. His work has been featured on Bigger Pockets, Real Estate Agent Magazine, and several other real estate investor publications.