Text Appointment Reminder For Doctor’s Offices

If you’re a Doctor, or an appointment coordinator for a Doctor’s office, you no doubt realize the frustration and lost revenue from patients that are late for appointments, or even worse patients that are “No Shows” This wreaks havoc on your scheduling, and impacts billable time. Perhaps you feel that your appointment reminder system is ineffective and outdated?

Old-fashioned methods such as calling the appointments to remind them, or giving patients an “Appointment reminder card” just don’t work. Phone calls go to voicemail, and appointment reminder cards are misplaced. Sending email reminders are also ineffective – many emails are either “Bounced”, end up in spam folders, or are simply ignored.

So what’s the solution? – A text message-based appointment reminder system! Simply enter the appointment date and time in the AdVoText system, and it will automatically send the patient a text reminder at the appointed day and time. If the patient needs to reschedule, or has a question, they can simply reply back to the text. Text messages have the highest rate of engagement of any form of communication. Studies indicate that the open rate is 95% +, and text messages are opened within 3 minutes of receipt on average.

Adopting a text message based appointment system will free up your office staff to accomplish other important tasks, thus increasing efficiency, and reducing the cost and burden of missed appointments.

To modernize your appointment efficiency, reduce appointment no-shows, and increase profitability, sign up today for AdVoText!