Text Appointment Reminders For Nail Salons

Text Appointment Reminders For Nail Salons

The old fashioned methods of calling customers to remind them of their appointments, appointment reminder cards, and email appointment reminders, just don't work! When you call customers, you typically get voicemail....appointment reminder cards get lost...and emails end up in spam folders. So what is the solution? Appointment reminders for nail salons sent by text message ! No other form of communication is as effective - the average text message has a 95%+ open rate within 3 minutes!

The next time you're in a public place...look around - what are people doing? They're on their cell phones engrossed in social media and texting. We are in a digital society, and there's no turning back. So if we're communicating with our customers like we did 10, 20, or 30 years ago, we're not in sync with modern society. Smart-minded, progressive business owners realize this and adjust accordingly.

Text Appointment Reminders for nail salons can dramatically reduce the amount of no shows and late appointments. With increased efficiency, the salon will increase it's productivity, and profitability. With the low cost of the AdVoText system, it will more than pay for itself ! An excellent solution is the use of the POS system by ExpertPOS  this system not only gives you text appointment reminders, but also has many other advanced features as well.

In addition to text appointment reminders for nail salons, you can also benefit from other features of the AdVoText system. Many nail salon owners send out text messages to their customer with advertised specials, and referral offers. For pennies, you can have a complete system to manage your advertising and appointment reminder needs.

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