Text Marketing For Restaurants

Text marketing for restaurants is a new technique that is revolutionizing restaurant operations, and the way they communicate with their customers.

The old outdated methods of communicating with restaurant customers via email, print advertising, radio advertising, flyer distribution, etc. are inefficient and ineffective. Take a moment to review your current marketing strategy, and determine if they are effective.

If you’re a restaurant owner, or employee, take a minute to look around your restaurant. What are your patrons doing? That’s right, they’re immersed in looking at their cell phones! The average person checks their cell phone 150 times per day! This is the new reality, we are a society that communicates digitally with our cell phones. Since this is the way that people choose to communicate, then we need to adapt to that, and abandon our outdated methods.

The newest form of marketing and advertising is text marketing for restaurants. With a few mouse clicks on your computer, you can communicate with your entire database of customers. As a result, you will increase your efficiency and profitability.

Here’s some ideas and applications:

  • Pizza delivery confirmations
  • Mobile food trucks announcing days and locations
  • Daily, weekly, monthly specials
  • Special events, such as live entertainment
  • New menu items
  • Coupons
  • Grand opening
  • Catering delivery confirmation
  • Employee schedule reminders
  • Reservation reminders and alerts

These are just a few of many applications that text marketing for restaurants can be utilized for. No other form of communication has such a high rate of engagement as text messages, which exceed 90% open rate. Additionally, text messages are typically opened within 3 minutes of receipt.

Another advantage of text marketing for restaurants is that it’s extremely affordable .Other forms of communication are much more expensive. Imagine being able to send out 500 text messages instantly for only $10.00! Once you take action, and implement your text marketing strategy, you will reap great rewards!

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