Text Notification Alerts

Text Alerts & Notifications For Schools

Text Alerts & Notification

The ability to communicate with your entire academic and support staff, your student body, and parents of students is essential.

In businesses and other institutions, a centralized alert and notification system is also essential.

Let’s talk about the various methods of communication used in the past:

  • Overhead paging (Intercom) – Noisy, disruptive, can only receive message if within vicinity
  • Telephone – Cannot send out multiple calls at one time, most calls go to voicemail
  • Email – Open rate on emails is terrible, many emails go to spam, bounced emails
  • Written memos – Too little, too late

Clearly, the methods indicated above are outdated and inefficient. So what is the solution? Text messaging, or SMS messaging, as it’s also referred to.

Modern technology, such as AdVoText allows the user to send messages to groups instantly, or to schedule messages for future delivery! Perhaps you have a group called “Teachers”, another group called “Parents”, and perhaps a group called “Administration” – with just a few clicks of the mouse on your computer, you can instantly communicate with anyone. Also, you have the ability to send individual messages if needed. Text notifications have a distinct advantage because of their instant delivery, and their high open rate (90+ percent opened within 3 minutes)

Here’s a few situations that text communications could be utilized for:

  • Announcing sporting events
  • Announcing PTA Meetings
  • Weather alerts
  • School closures
  • To announce faculty meetings
  • Emergencies
  • Lockdowns
  • Report card notifications
  • Homework reminders
  • Fundraisers
  • Quarantine notifications during pandemics such as Coronavirus outbreaks & other medical emergencies
  • And much more….

AdvoText provides a simple, easy to use, web-based platform so that communications can be sent from anywhere that has an internet connection. Watch this short video to see how easy AdVoText is to use!

Get started today in modernizing and streamlining your old, inefficient communication methods by visiting our website www.advotext.com  and review our pricing plans – it’s amazingly inexpensive, and there’s no contract!